How We Got Started

Lucille and Irma were amazing Grandmothers.  Both women were creative geniuses.  Whether it was out of necessity or a driving desire to create, these women, along with Irma's daughter Barbara, were determined to pass down sewing and crocheting to their children.  These gifts have been passed on to the next generation and turned into the timeless, hand crafted creations that you see on this website.

Lucille and Irma is first and foremost a family business. Quality and your satisfaction are very important to us.  When you purchase from us, you can be assured that your piece was carefully and lovingly hand crafted.  We take pride in our creations and it shows.

Our designs are both traditional and contemporary.  We want to bring hand made, US craftsmanship back to the market place while maintaining the integrity of vintage styling with a modern twist.

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